Club Song

We are the Premiers
down by the sea,

We can’t be beaten
as you will see,

At the end of the season,
you’ll know the reason,

Why we are the Premier team.

Life Members

Ed Armistead Geoff Balderas Michael Balderas Geoff Borwick
Bill Castles * Bonnie Castles Michael Causon Noel Challis*
Jason Connelly Geoff Couper Michael Coutts Col Couper *
Robbie Dalziel John Fatourous* Rod Gibbons Martin Heathcote
Ruby Holiday * Chas Howard * Claude Kelly * Jason Langdon
Rose Lloyd Henry Love Joy Love* Stephen Love
Jack Lucas * Mick Mewha John Morgan Gary Murnane
Lindsay Murnane Mick Murnane * Norm Murnane * Chris Nicholson
Kurt Norton Yano Pacor Rusty Norton * Julie Raskatos
Chas Reid * Alistair Reynolds Brett Smartt Janet Smartt
Paul Staley Hector Stribling * Mark Trickey* Chris Tully
Kevin van Deuren Peter Wheal Kevin White Peter White
 Tina White  David Wyles  Angelo Kambouris
 * Deceased  Helen Stribling

Club Total Top 20

Balderas Michael 449
Murnane Gary 409
White Peter 379
Norton Kurt 374
Love Stephen 368
Balderas Geoffrey 333
White Kevin 302
Gibbons Rodney 298
Dwyer Glenn 295
Hollmer Lee *    295
Dalziel Robert 289
Staley Paul 286
Heathcote Ryan 284
Tully Chris 280
Stewart Ian 276
Ngatai Dane 265
Trickey Shane *    263
Sloan Toby 262
Wishart Dale 252
Trickey Boe *    250

* denotes still playing

Senior Premierships:
1933, 1938, 1940, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1974, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1982, 1998, 2001 (Premiers & Champions) 2006, 2007, 2013

Reserve Premierships:
1947, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1977, 1978, 1997, 2001.

Junior Premierships:
1977   U/18
1978   U/18
2005   U/17
2002   U/14
2015   U/14

The history of the Lorne Football Club is very long and varied even though they were very late in joining an official Association.

The earliest record of a Lorne team dates back to the late 1850’s. In order to keep the local cricket team fit, a football team was organised. Players formed teams and played against each other. Before the current location of Stribling Reserve became available, all competition took place on the foreshore. Prior to joining the Polwarth Association, several invitation games took place amongst Lorne and other clubs/teams.

It was noted in 1919 that Lorne competed in the Shire Of Winchelsea Association along with Winchelsea, Birregurra, Wensleydale and Deans Marsh. Lorne’s colours were red and blue in this competition. There appears to be no further mention of a Lorne team competing in any official League or Association until the late 1920’s.

With the organisation of Mr H Stribling, Lorne grouped together and entered the Polwarth Association as a very strong team and soon became a much respected and a hard to beat opponent.

It is assumed that Lorne entered the Polwarth Association in approximately 1927-1929 along with Apollo Bay. Prior to these dates Lorne and Apollo Bay held matches amongst themselves.

Isolation, poor roads and lack of transport seemed to be the main reason these 2 teams were so late in joining the Association. Some players had to be collected from Wye River and Eastern View before a full team could be assembled for the day.

Matches against Apollo Bay required players to travel by boat from Lorne as poor roads and weather made the going very slow in the early years. With a tradition dating back many years the two clubs now compete for the “Coastal Cup” every time they meet.

Lorne’s had 6 different team guernsey’s

Coloured horizontal hoops
One depicting a large star
Vertical black and white stripes
Large black and white vertical stripes
Black with 2 white hoops
Dark jumper with a deep “V” (most likely black and white)
Prior to been known as the “Dolphins”, Lorne was referred to as the “Seasiders” in early newspaper articles.


Winchelsea Association
1919  –

Junior Polwarth Association circa
1927   –  1929

Polwarth Association circa
1933   –  1940

Polwarth League
1946  –  1970

Colac and District Football League
1971  –  present

Most Goals for the Club:
David Wyles approx 700 (to be confirmed)

 Most Goals in a game:
21 – Martin Stewart v Forrest at Lorne 1997

 Club Record Score:
Lorne 37 : 26 : 248 def Beeac  5 : 7 : 37   –  July 5, 1980

Longest Winning Sequence:
Lorne won 37 games in a row from Round 1, 2001 until the 2002 Grand Final where they were defeated by South Colac. The club won the last five home and away games in season 2000, 16 home and away game in 2001, 18 again in 2002 and lost to Forrest in Round 2 of 2003 a record breaking streak of 40 home and away wins in a row.

Nominations for the Lorne Football & Netball Club
Team of CDFL Era 1971 – 2006The Committee, players and supporters of the Lorne Football club would like to congratulate all the players who have been nominated for selection in the “Team of the CDFL era”. It is truly great honour to be recognised by your peers and be in the company of some very talented footballers. Not to mention the extremely talented players who were unable to make the grade.


Lindsay Murnane

Donald Grose

Jason Langdon

Paul Staley

Mark Trickey

Allan Roache

Ian Holliday

Chris Tully

Chris Tully


Richard Terrier

Francis Yates

Kevin White

Yano Pacor

John Morgan

Dennis More

James Worssam

Shane Trickey

Miah Atwell


Rob Dalziel

Ed Babbington

Gavin Griffiths

Gavin Wishart

Gavin Griffiths

Brett Dwyer

Richard Davies

Peter Wheal

Dale Ridgeway


Malcom Smith

David Wyles

Gary Murnane

Brock Shiels

Malcom Smith

Jason Connelly

Peter White

John Lilley

Sam Parsons

Darren Savikas


Michael Coutts

Dean Holroyd

Paul Whyte

Brett Dwyer

Marty Stewart

Ali Reynolds

Ricky White

Michael Coutts

Geoff Couper




Geoff Balderas

Neil Grigg

Peter Martini

Lee Hollmer

Ricky White

Paul Whyte

Brad Young

Michael Coutts

Geoff Couper


Jason Connelly

Grant McCance

Randal Fitzgerald

TEAM of CDFL ERA 1971 – 2006

Congratulations to the players who have been selected in the “Team of the CDFL era”.
A great honour and true recognition of your talents and contribution to the Lorne Foootball & Netball Club.

BACKS Lindsay Murnane Mark Trickey Chris Tully Richard Terrier (vc) Francis Yates Kevin White Rob Dalziel Ed Babbington Gavin Griffiths Gary Murnane David Wyles Malcolm Smith
FOWARDS Michael Coutts (capt) Dean Holroyd Paul Whyte
RUCKS Geoff Balderas Jason Connelly
COACH JasonLangdon
INTERCHANGE Neil Grigg (dvc) Brock Sheils Peter Martini Peter White Ricky White Lee Hollmer Brett Dwyer